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Year 1 Top 5: Fourth Place: Tasmania, Australia

Year 1 Top 5: Fourth Place: Tasmania, Australia
Originally Posted: Friday, May 6, 2011

Reason I choose it to be in the top five:
"The one thing that caught me by surprise the most when looking at Tasmania in depth was how much of a Chameleon it is. On one relatively small island are all sorts of places and landscapes that could be mistaken for many other places thousands of miles away"


Tasmania is located off the coast of Australia. It struck me that in some ways Tasmania is similar to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in size and position off the mainland (of Australia and India respectively). Like many islands such as Ceylon, Madagascar or Socotra ( Tasmania is a very unique place. It has a surreal quality about it and is one of the most isolated, last reached places on earth.

I also find its original inhabitants to be very interesting. Not only is mainland Australia remote but Tasmania is still further south than mainland Australia's southernmost point and a good deal off the mainland at that (over 100 miles). The Aborigonies who settled Tasmania were truely one of the most isolated people in the world, similar to the Maori of New Zealand in isolation. While recorded history of much more populated places went about in other parts of the world, the people of Tasmania were entirely removed from it and lived their own life. When Brutus killed Julius in Rome, the people of Tasmania were 10,171 miles (16.367 k) away. At Acamapichtli's coronation in Tenochtitlan, the people of Tasmania were 8,308 miles (13.369 k) away. And while Laozi and Confucius wrote books in China, the people of Tasmania were 6,000 miles (9728 k) away.

Tasmanias largest city is Hobart. The second largest city is Launceston and the third largest is Burnie-Devonport, Tasmania. Most of the time, Tasmania is cool but hot tempuratures are possible. Of all the places on earth, Tasmania would have to be near the top of the list as most interesting and unique.


File:Tasmania logging 04 Styx River from rumbly bridge.jpg
Styx valley. In the valley of the Styx grow the Eucalyptus regnans, the tallest of all flowering plants. There are also ancient tree ferns and 1,000 year old myrtles. The Eucalypts are useful for wood pulp and the forest is being systematically clearfelled. Photo: TTaylor

Mount Wellington from Lindisfarne, Hobart. Photo: tubagooba

File:North esk river launceston.JPG

North Esk River from a bridge in Launceston. North Esk River, Launceston. The North Esk River, the boundary between Cornwall and Dorset. Photo:  Kyle sb.

File:Huon river tasmania in summer.JPG
Huon River in Tasmania, Australia. Photo of the confluence of the Huon with the Picton river. Photo taken from the Tahune Airwalk run by forestry Tasmania in mid summer 2003. Photo: Peripitus

File:Frenchmans Cap.JPG
The peak of Frenchmans Cap in Western Tasmania, Australia from near Lake Tahune Hut. Photo: Bourgeois

File:Lauderdale Canal.JPG
Lauderdale Canal, Tasmania. Photo: Sge

File:Misty cradle mountain and lake - tasmania.jpg
Cradle Mountain covered with could and Dove lake in the foreground Photo: Peripitus
File:Hellyer Gorge, Tasmania.jpg
Hellyer Gorge, Tasmania Photo: anyaka
File:Tessellated Pavement Sunrise Landscape.jpg
Photo: J J Harrison.

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