Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trip Report 001: Port Aransas, Part 001

On Wednesday, the 27th of July I went to Port Aransas, Texas for 3 nights with my family. We drove through Dallas, Waco, Temple, Austin, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and finally arrived in Port Aransas on Mustang Island, Texas. I decided not to bring my laptop to 'get away' from it. If I had had it, it would have been easier to document the trip on my blog, though the trip would have been less fun and 'in the moment' if I had been trying to write everything that was happening.

I didn't take any pictures on the drive, however, I wish I had at Clem Mikeska's BBQ in Temple. Two things were particularly neat at Clem's that day. First of all, as my family entered the restraunt an old man was walking out and greeted us telling us to come in out of the heat. Later on when looking at pictures on the wall, we realized it was probably Clem himself. We didn't see him again and I don't think he normally is in the front. It was good bbq. It wasn't the best ever but what was the best ever was the decorations. The restraunt was clean, and very spacious with the wall covered in antiques and different big game animals. I couldn't stop looking around all meal and was more than impressed by how awesome it was.

Later we stopped in San Antonio and went in the Rivercenter Mall; next stopping by the adjacent Alamo for about five minutes. It was not on the agenda for the day and we still had 3 hours of travelling to do at that point. I have been to the Alamo once before and want to go sometime during the fall (when it is crisp and cool outside) and have time to enjoy it. There looked like there was a lot of cool facts and information. 
Before the trip was over, I went to the worlds largest and only two story Whataburger, had an extremely unique dish called 'Clay Pot' at a Thai restaurant, saw two malls across the street from each other and swam in the Gulf Of Mexico as Tropical Storm Don approached.

In the next parts of this story, I will share some photographs I took.



Day 002
Day 003

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