Tuesday, July 5, 2011


After a week off from posting (call it a holiday) I am filing this one on Russia!

The topic of Russia is vast. The history, archaeology and geography each could be a blog. Russia is easily the largest country in the world by land area. It is the 9th largest in population behind Nigeria and ahead of Japan. Much of the land is harsh--but it is beautiful. The capital and largest city is Moscow (Москва). Saint Petersburg (Санкт-Петербург) Novosibirsk (Новосибирск), Yekaterinburg (Екатеринбург) and Nizhny Novgorod (Нижний Новгород) round out the top 5 cities in Russia.Within Russia is 1/4th of the worlds fresh water, 100,000 rivers and the worlds largest timber reserves. Also, Russia has the second most total renewable water resources after Brasil.

Russia is a powerhouse in intellectual fields such as mathematics, science and strategy games (like chess). Russians are also a growing power in the music production field (which I am involved in). Some notable people from these fields include Grigori Perelman, Yakov Eliashberg, Nikolai Efimov, Albert Shiryaev and Garry Kasparov.

At different points in history, Russia has been considered a 'super-power'. Now, few would say it is. However, this could (and I think will) change soon. If the West continues its mindless direction, the future is Asia's and Russia is included in this. Russia is rich in oil and natural gas, a sure sign of strength. Rail transportation in Russia is dominated by Russian Railways, a monopoly which employs 950,000 people. The economy continues to improve for Russians.

Russia's physical geography is immense. Within Russia are many mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, deserts and tundra, taiga and almost every type of landscape. The land can be bleak but this makes it interesting. Cities are found all across Russia. From the northern most natural border with the artic to the eastern most natural border with the vast bering sea. Many parts of Russia get as cold as anywhere on the planet. The continental climate of much of Siberia means it also can get hot, sometimes, 99 degrees. I am definatly going to write more on Russia in the future.
File:Осетр река.jpg
Osyotr river (Осётр река) 

File:Kazan church edit1.jpg
All Religions Temple. A building and cultural center build by the local artist Ildar Xanov. Photo and description: Maarten

Peterhof, St. Petersburg

File:Serpeevka village.JPG
Outskirts of Serpeevka village. Cleyabinsk region, Russia. Окрестности деревни Серпеевка. Челябинская область, Россия. Photo: Скампецкий

Megalith near village Kazanovka in Republic Khakassia, Russian Federation. Photo by Anatoly Terentiev, 13 September 2000.
Khakassia view. Photo by Philipp Poddubitsky, 14 October 2000.

Megalith near village Safronov in Republic Khakasiya, Russian Federation. Photo by Anatoly Terentiev, 13 September 2000.

File:Кезеной Ам (Kezenoy Am).jpeg
Kezenoy Am (Кезеной Ам), 29 July 2009. Photo: Agidel

  File:Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky at night.jpg
Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky at night.
File:Altai Kutscherla-See.jpg
Altai, Lake Kutsherla in Altay Mountains, Russia 2001. Photo: Stefan Kühn.

File:BaikalForest (pixinn.net).jpg
Taiga Forest near Lake Baikal, Russia, 2008. Photo: Christophe Meneboeuf.

 File:Ignateva cave entry.jpg
Ignateva cave entry 2009 (Вход в Игнатьевскую пещеру) Photo: Sultan Brukhanov.

Ripe Cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus), February 2006 common to the Urals. Photo: Philipum.

File:Ob river.jpg
Ob River (Река Обь) Photo: Игоревич

File:Uvs núr.JPG

Lake Uvs (Убса) Photo: Jan Sysel.

^^Look how desolate the above picure is! Just earth and water, nothing else. It is stark, vast and a contradiction of inviting and uninviting. On the one hand, I would like to be there and see this place, on the other hand, I wouldn't want to be there forever.

File:Yakutsk 1 (synchroswimr).jpg
Yakutsk, 2007. Photo: "synchroswimr"/Stacy

*Caleb's Sidenote: Doesn't this picture look like it could have been taken in the 60's, 70's or 80's (it is dated 2007) ? I think Russia is fasinating, but it seems VERY depressing in some parts.

Lone Maiden Formation, Lena River.

Circum-Baikal Railway, southwestern tip of Lake Baikal.

File:Buchta Nagajewa (Magadan).jpeg
Nagayevo Bay near Magadan, Russia (Бухта Нагаева, вид с Магадана) 2006. Photo: Obersachse

File:Forest tundra.jpeg
Forest-tundra landscape example (Norilsk, Russia environment) Образец заповедной  (2006-06-26) Photo: Grain

File:Brat i sestra nakhodka.jpg

The cliffs Brat ("Brother") and Sestra ("Sister") in the environs of Nakhodka, 2006. Photo: adfoto


Anonymous said...

Complex Post. This enter helped me in my college assignment. Thnaks Alot

Caleb Golston said...

Well, I try to be pretty factual but I write my blog more for fun than research purposes. I like to point out how cool some things in geography are.

Anonymous said...

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Caleb Golston said...

Thanks. I love the Russian language; I love the Russian people.