Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chavin Culture

The Chavin culture thrived from 900 to 200 BC in what is now Peru. Chavin followed the Norte Chico culture but preceded both the Moche and Chimú periods as well as the Inca. The capital of this land was Chavín de Huantar which is located at a spectacular 10,430 ft. The people of Chavin cultivated potatoes, maize, cotton (of the variety Gossypium Barbadense) gourds and quinoa. They domesticated llama, alpaca and guinea pigs and collected clams and other shellfish. It is also suggested certain members of society use San Pedro Cactus for its' psychotropic properties.

Peru has always been rich in gold. All the civilisations of Peru used gold extensively. In fact, the Spanish took over 25,000 pounds of gold from the Americas after their conquests. The people of Chavin were skilled metalworkers. They built a sophisticated drainage systems. Jaguars, felines and anacondas played an important part in the religious life of Chavin.

Quinoa, Photo: Maurice Chédel.

File:Chavín de Huántar.JPG
Chavín de Huántar Photo: Sharon odb

File:Cabeza Clava Chavin.JPG
Cabeza Clava Chavin. Photo: Jorge Mori

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