Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vans Pig Stand (Oklahoma)

One of my favorite Barbecue places is Vans Pig Stand in Oklahoma. Vans is probably the most famous Barbecue place in central Oklahoma and the original Shawnee location on Highland has been open since 1930. Because I have gone to school 5 semesters in Oklahoma, I have been able to try all four locations: Norman, Moore and two in Shawnee. My favorite branch is a tie; the Norman one because I think their meat is a little more smokey than the other three and the original Shawnee branch for the experience. Because it has been around 80+ years, the wooden boothes are covered with autographs of normal, everyday people, many of whom have been dead for decades. It also has a nostalgic 30's/40's/50's feel; a time I am far, far to young to have lived in (I'm 22). They are all very good however. Vans service is excellent and quick. If you are ever travelling on 40 (or I-35 for that matter) through Oklahoma, as millions of Americans have, give them a shot!

Highland Street, Shawnee location

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