Monday, April 4, 2011

Best Barbecue I have ever been to: Hammond's BBQ in Glen Rose, Texas

As the title says, the best barbecue I have ever been to was first opened in 1966, though in a different building than it's current placing. A fire and a couple of moves later, Hammond's is currently located on Highway 67, the main road through Glen Rose, Texas. Glen Rose's claim to fame is Dinosaur Valley State Park (which I will write about sometime). I was with some family for the day at Dinosaur Valley and Hammonds seemed like the perfect place to get lunch. I loved that they served iced tea in a large glass jar, possibly a mason jar (I went a year ago). The portion sizes were very large and meals came with an abundance of side dishes. The dining room was one large room and it was very well decorated. The whole thing was so authentic. This isn't a suburban wannabe BBQ joint, it is real. It doesn't get any realer than an unassuming building in small town Texas near the hill country. I highly recommend the best Barbecue place I have ever been.

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