Thursday, April 5, 2012

Undeciphered Writing Systems

In the back of my mind I have always had an interest in undeciphered languages, codes and ancient languages. Most of them are bizarre and wonderful looking, like Chinese characters, Cuneiform or Mayan glyphs.

The belief by most researchers is that writing has emerged as an independent invention only a few times on earth. Once in the Middle East. Second in the New World by the Olmec and later Mayans. A third time probably in China. Finally, if it is not a hoax and if it was invented before European contact a fourth time in the Pacific on Easter Island. If there are any other languages which were independently invented, even known ones it might never be known.

Many ancient writing systems have been deciphered. However, many still have not. Due to a paucity of examples in some cases it is likely some will never be solved unless new examples emerge.

I decided to organize the data on a few of the more important undeciphered languages into a chart. I love charts and prefer getting data that way over a bunch of ponderous writing.

Undeciphered Writing Systems
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MC said...

Cool chart !
Logophonetic is a new word on me

Caleb Golston said...

Thanks MC.

I actually updated a new one as there were a few formatting errors on the last one.

All of the classification words were new to me other than Hieroglyphs.

Ap ppu said...

Mayan and Epi Olmec was spoken a language like "Tamil", I am a Tamil and I can understand of their drawing , For example,- Kajaw (Olm),= Kawal (Maya), = Kawel, (Tam), = Defense,/ Police(Eng), Next.- ?aw(Olm),= Wa(Maya),= Wai(Tam, + Sum),= Mouth(Eng), Next.- Nu?.Pin(Olm),= Nadu Pulli(Tam),= Centre Point(Eng), next,- Tuku(Olm),= Tuku(Maya + Sum + Tam),= Carry(Eng), Next,- Th (Olm),=Throne-(x), But After Tamil Translation, Tottil(Tam),= Baby Bad(Eng),or What is "Po"(olm), =Poya( Srilanka -Tamil & Sinhala ),= Full moon day, (Every 15/16 day it changed.), like can look,< So Olmec people was first to land America, So they were Tamils>