Monday, November 21, 2011


I think it is safe to say this will be a record breaking month. Less than 21 days in and the blog is about 20 views away from a monthly record.

Please continue to comment and subscribe to the blog and most importantly, link to this blog (that is the only thing I am asking readers to do and only because it is important). Despite the fact I get very healthy amount of page hits google still doesn't even list my blog in the top 80 pages when one searches 'geography blog'. Most of the blogs in those 80 pages are never updated, content poor blogs. It is more than time for this blog to be a top search for 'geography blog' yet it isn't even in the listing at all.

Coming up soon is the one year anniversary of the blog. I will be reposting my 5 favorite topics of the past year.

It's been fun so far, so on to year two!

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