Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Google Search "Geography Blog"

I am trying to make this blog unique and personal as well as about geography. That's because one of the first rules of successful entertainment is: as well as content and talent, the personality of the presenter is important.

So that is why I am willing to discuss internal issues with the blog. After all, everyone loves when radio talk show hosts banter with the 'producer' or sound mixer or discuss things that relate to the radio show instead of just talking politics or humor or whatever the format may be.

The internal issue in question is my search rank on Google. Honestly, my blog should be in the top page or two when you search 'Geography Blog' on google. I update my blog very consistently. I might take a week off or as I did first the first time last week and the week before, two weeks. But I don't abandon my blog like 99% of bloggers. Many of the blogs ahead of mine are 1 entry. And it is the 'I am going to start blogging' entry. Many of the blogs ahead of mine are disorganized. Many of them are just not very good.

Also, the majority of my posts are substantial. I put 10-20 pictures on many of my posts and try to get a good couple of paragraphs in as well on a topic. I put a personal spin on each subject and try to raise awareness to issues which are not covered elsewhere.

To this I ask one favor:

Please link to this blog if you have a website.

Here is the url: http://calebgolston.blogspot.com/

It is the only thing that really matters at the end of the day when google compiles there search rank. The comments increase exponentially once a few comments are made (it is human nature to only comment when others already have). But the links are what increases the search volume. It doesn't even matter who is subscribed or not subscribed.

If my blog can increase in traffic and prestige it will benefit the reader. I have projects I want to pursue. I want to help the environment in a substantial way. I have high quality content I would like to give away for free. But it all depends on making this blog viral so I have the platform to do all of these things.


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