Thursday, September 8, 2011

City Profile 018: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Coordinates: 53°34′N 113°31′W
Elevation: 668 m (2,192 ft)
Daily Mean Temp: 3.9 Celsius (39 Fahrenheit)
Metro Population: 1 million.
Estimated 2050 Metro Population: at least 1.145 million.
Risks: Extreme cold in winter, somewhat isolated (though this can be good in some ways too).
Advantages: Wealthy, 'trendy' city, economic prosperity, located in the North American Great Plains (clear down to Texas) rich in resources, jobs and future growth.
Resources: Immediate: Regional: Oil, Natural Gas, Agricultural land.
Other: I think Edmonton is very intriguing. The extreme cold is a big negative but besides that, it is hard to find much wrong with the city.

File:Edmonton Skyline Panorama.jpg
 This is a panorama of the downtown Edmonton Skyline, Taken by Steven Mackaay on 23 September 2008. Beautiful Photo!

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