Thursday, September 1, 2011

City Profile 017: Moscow


Coordinates: 55°45′N 37°37′E
Elevation: 156 meters (512 feet)
Daily Mean Temp: 5.4 Celsius (41.7 Fahrenheit)
Metro Population: 11.5 million.
Estimated 2050 Metro Population: Possibly less than now due to negative growth trend
Risks: Overpopulation, pollution, poor air quality, extreme cold, problematic government. Many wars fought in Russia historically.
Advantages: 79 billionaires in Moscow, the most in the world. Future prosperity is in Asia/Russia. Russia holds the greatest reserves of mineral resources of any country in the world. Russia is full of bright minds.
Resources: Immediate: Regional: Oil, natural gas, gold, copper, timber, water, vast numbers of resources.
Other: Second most riden metro after Tokyo. Largest city in Europe.

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большая москва-сити

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