Thursday, August 25, 2011

City Profile 016: Hong Kong

Coordinates: 22°16′42″N 114°09′32″E
Elevation: Near sea level
Daily Mean Temp: 23.1 Celsius (73.6 Fahrenheit)
Metro Population: 7 million.
Estimated 2050 Metro Population: 9.6
Risks: Overpopulation, pollution, poor air quality, hot humid weather.
Advantages: Wealthy. Future prosperity is in Asia.
Resources: Immediate: Port Regional: Fish.
Other: Hong Kong stands as an example for what free markets can achieve. While China maintains strict command economy over most her people (which is supposed to help everyone) the standard of living in Hong Kong is embarrassingly higher than the neighbor to the North.

File:Hong Kong Skyline Restitch - Dec 2007.jpg
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