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Denmark is not a country many people think is very exciting. I am very interested in Scandanavian though, its history, geography, archaeology and culture. Denmark has a milder climate than Norway or Sweden and also has flatter land. The capital is Copenhagen and there are 5.5 million people in Denmark. The countryside is low stress with lots of farms.

One of the great features of Denmark is its western coastline. Unlike many coastlines which do not face the ocean directly (due to other landmasses breaking the waves, bays, sounds, ect) it features large waves coming in and out like the famous coasts of California or Australia. Denmark is a peaceful country with a high standard of living. While its landscape doesn't feature canyons, mountains, deserts, cliffs or other extreme features, it is green and calm. The ocean meets the Jutland Peninsula and quitely land becomes sea. A few large islands in Eastern Denmark are highly populous as well.

File:Vor Frelsers Kirke-view10.jpg

File:Skagen aka the skaw northmost point of denmark 6th may 2006.jpg

File:Oeresund Bridge.jpg
Øresund Bridge

Karlebo, Sjælland, Denmark 2005. Photo: JM Rice.

File:Sandy cliff beach at North Sea, Denmark 2004 ubt.jpeg
Sandy cliff beach at the North Sea, Vendsyssel, Denmark, 2004. Photo: Tomasz Sienicki

File:Rebild National Park 02 ies.jpg
Rebild National Park in Denmark. Photo: Frank Vincentz

File:Egeskov Slot spejling Edit 2.jpg
Egeskov Castle Photo: Malene Thyssen

File:Frederiksberg Have 2006.jpg
Frederiksberg Have, 2006 Photo: Jacob Bøtter

Fil:Tved Klitplantage.JPG
Thy Nationalpark, Denmark. Photo: Jens Buurgaard Nielsen

Fil:Thy Nationalpark.JPG
View over part of the Thy Nationalpark (Denmark) at Hanstholm vildtreservat and Tved klitplantage, 2007. Photo: Jens Nielsen.

Fil:Trehoje i Mols Bjerge.jpg
Nationalpark Mols Bjerge Photo: Nico

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