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The country of Chile is dominated by two epic features: the Andes mountains in east and the Pacific Ocean in the west. The country is a country of extremes and diversity. Within Chile are a third of the worlds supply of copper. The country is a major producer of wine. A lot of people do not know that Easter Island is a special territory of Chile. The longest river in Chile is the Loa River. 17.2 million people live in Chile.

Chile has a third feature which is in reality a third great epic feature, the driest place on earth, the Atacama desert. Chile experiences horrible earthquakes and also has volcanoes. About 80 percent of Chile's land is mountainous and this comes with rich mineral resources. The highest point is 22,615 ft, Ojos del Salado. Located in South America, it borders Argentina, Peru and Bolivia.

The thing I like the most about Chile, is those Mediterranean parts looking out at the Pacific ocean. It is an isolated part of the world. When someone looks out of a villa at the Pacific, they our gazing at a vast ocean where the next dry land is thousand and thousands of miles away. Also, geography repeats itself poetically across the globe. Mediterranean spots exist across the planet, in Australia, South Africa,  The Mediterranean, California, Chile as well as others. In all of these places, though, life becomes more relaxed than many other places. The climate is milder, not to hot or cold and the ocean is always near by keeping time. I saw a tv special where a host went to a cottage on an isolated beach and is what I think of first now when I think of Chile.

File:CHL orthographic.svg
File:Easter island and south america.jpg

File:Fox pan de azucar.JPG
Fox in Pan de Azúcar National Park, Febuary 2008. Photo: flexjandro

Atacama Desert

File:Sailing Atacama Desert.jpg
The observing platform at Paranal Observatory, 17 January 2011(2011-01-17)... Photo: José Francisco Salgado

File:Valle de la luna san pedro chile.jpg
Valle de la luna near San Pedro de Atacama in Chile taken by Zootalures in May 2004.

File:Pano Anakena beach.jpg
Pano Anakena beach. Photo: Rivi.

Easeter Island, 3 June 2004. Photo:

File:Rapanui-cratere-rana roratka-panorama.jpg
A freshwater crater lake on Easter Island Photo: paolo@pedaletti(. )it

File:Chilean vineyard in Andes foothills.jpg
Chilean vineyard in the foothills of the Andes, 23 February 2007. Photo: Beatrice Murch .

File:Nevados del longavi.JPG
Nevados del Langaví Volcano Photo: Dentren.
March 2009(2009-03 P)

Endangered Chilean Wine Palms in La Campana NP. Photo: Rufus1961

File:Santiago en invierno.jpg
Santiago, Chile Photo: Victor San Martin, 1 June 2007(2007-06-01).

File:San Alfonso2.jpgFile:San Alfonso2.jpgFile:San Alfonso2.jpgFile:San Alfonso2.jpg
File:San Alfonso2.jpg
Second Home, Real Estate Project Located in Algarrobo, Chile December 2007. Photo: Quórum Comunicaciones .

File:000 2677.JPG
Vista beach of the North Quisco
21 September 2006(2006-09-21) Photo: Mario Lopez .

File:Cuernos del Paine from Lake Pehoé.jpg
Torres del Paine from Lake Pehoé, Torres del Paine National Park, Chile. Photo: Miguel.v .

File:Guanacos, Torres del Paine.jpg
Something Eerie about this one?

Guanacos, Torres del Paine, 6 January 1995(1995-01-06) Photo: Bernard Gagnon.

File:Lago Gral. Carrera 01.JPG

General Carrera Lake. Photo: Jorge Morales Piderit, 31 January 2005(2005-01-31) Ph
File:Carahue sector costero lafquenche.JPG
Carahue coastal area. Photo: Gmagno .
File:Carahue sector costero lafquenche.JPGCarahue
File:Valle del Elqui, La Serena-Chile.JPG
Valle del Elqui, La Serena-Chile . Photo: KZP .
File:Miscanti Lagoon near San Pedro de Atacama Chile Luca Galuzzi 2006.jpgFile:Miscanti Lagoon near San Pedro de Atacama Chile Luca Galuzzi 2006.jpgFile:Miscanti Lagoon near San Pedro de Atacama Chile Luca Galuzzi 2006.jpg
File:Incahuasi and el fraile plus laguna verde chile.jpg
The volcanoes Incahuasi (most left) and El Fraile (right beside) behind the colorful Laguna Verde.
27 December 2004(2004-12-27).. Photo and description: Daniel Weiss

Cottages in Curarrehue, Chile. Photo: Dentren .

File:Cabanas curarrehue.jpgFile:Cabanas curarrehue.jpgFile:Cabanas curarrehue.jpgCottages in CurarrehueCottages in Curarrehue

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