Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Legend Of Boggy Creek

There are so many reasons the movie 'The Legend Of Boggy Creek' is relevant to this blog. First, it is a great piece of 70's film with a retro feel (and I like blogging about retro things like old shopping malls and deadmalls). Second, it is about cryptozoology which is always interesting (but lacking in proof) and overlaps with Geography in some ways. Third, the movie has many wildlife and geographic scenes in it. It talks about real, obscure places and real geographic features, like 'Boggy Creek'. Is southwestern Arkansas the Grand Canyon? No. But most people live in more average places like SW Arkansas, the middle of Denmark or Melbourne, Australia, than grand places such as Mount Everest or the Sahara Desert.

So today I am screening 'The Legend Of Boggy Creek'. Enjoy.

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