Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is between the islands of Ireland and Great Britian. Though it isn't something you hear or read much about, it has a rich culture, a beautiful geography and contains a population of about 80,000. The island has been inhabited since before 6500 BC and has seen both Celtic and Viking settlers. The Isle of Man is home to one of the worlds unique tongues, the Manx language. Manx is a Verb Subject Object language and while no longer thriving, there are enough speakers to carry on the language for now.

The weather on the Isle of Man is wonderful. It features cool summers, mild winters and is without threat of any major natural disasters. (how many places in the United States or Australia can say that?) Snaefell is the highest peak on the island (at 620 metres; 2,034 ft) and is part of one of two mountainous areas of the island. A valley including the capital, Douglas, lies between these two mountainous sections. One of the interesting features is the Calf of Man, a small islet to it's south, with its ow history and geography.

File:Isle of Man map-en.svg

File:The Braaid - Isle of Man - kingsley - 21-APR-09.jpg
"Manx Heritage Trail, The Braaid is the site of an ancient Celtic-Norse era community. Remnants of a roundhouse in the foreground, c. 650 A.D. and remnants of two longhouses in the background, c. 950 A.D. can be seen here situated on the rolling hills of Marown in central Isle of Man." - Description and Photo: Gregory J Kingsley

File:Sound IOM.JPG
Calf of Man seen from Cregneash

File:Cregneash Folk Museum 1988.jpg
Cregneash Folk Museum, Isle of Man, with Harry Kelly's cottage (right) and Woodturner's workshop (left). Photo: RuthAS

File:Isle of Man Peel Castle.jpg
Peel Castle at Peel, Isle of Man. Photo: Finn Bjorklid

File:South Barrule mill.jpg
Photograph of windmill tower, South Barrule, Isle of Man, 2006. Photo: Andy Stephenson.

File:Isle of Man Terrain - Snaefell Mountain View - kingsley - 24-JUN-09.jpg
View from the top of Snaefell Mountain looking southwestward showing the mountainous terrain along the axis of the Isle of Man 2009. Photo: Gregory J Kingsley.

Snaefell mountain at isle of man. Photo: Finn Bjorklid.

File:St Runius.jpg
St Runius Church (parish of Marown), Isle Of Man. Taken by Bolebridge.

File:Port Erin stack - Isle of Man.jpg
Stack at cliffs near Port Erin, Isle of Man 2005. Photo: Eirik Newth from Oslo.

File:Bradda Head.JPG
Picture of Bradda Head, with Milner's Tower. Port Erin is just to the right, 7th June 2005. Photo: ericbobson.

File:Groudle Glen waterwheel - geograph.org.uk - 1121053.jpg
Groudle Glen Waterwheel, 2000. Photo: Trevor Rickard.

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