Thursday, May 19, 2011

City Profile 006: Minneapolis, Minnesota


Coordinates: 44°59′N 93°16′W
Elevation: 830 ft (264 m)
Daily Mean Temp: 45.3 Fahrenheit, 7.388 Celsius
Metro Population: 3,269,814
Estimated 2050 Metro Population: ?
Risks: Extreme cold (lowest average temp. of any major United States city), occasional extreme heat.
Advantages: Named top tech city in 2005, 2nd smart city to live in in 2006, one of the top cities for young professionals, liveable city, clean city, good economy, low unemployement  (relative to the rest of the country) scenery within a short drive.
Resources: Immediate: abundant water Regional: water, farmland, Iron ore, taconite, coal, titaniumoxied
Other: 16th largest city in the United States in 1940, 48th currently (16th metro population). Strong Scandinavian culture.

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