Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Kirbati is a country comprised of a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. Its population is 98,000 and it is within the region of Oceania known as Micronesia. Like many islands, Kirbati has few natural resources. Also like many islands, Kirbati is poor and not highly developed. Farming is bad as the soil is calcareous and thin. One of the islands, Banaba (or 'Ocean Island') is a type of island called a 'phosphate rock' (Nauru and Makatea are two others). Banaba also has the countries highest point, at 266 feet. The climate of Kirbati, located near the equator, is tropical and humid.

Caroline Atoll channel

File:Wash island house.jpg
Teraina/Washington Island. Men's meeting house; November 1968.

File:Flint Island AKK Profile.jpg
Flint Island vegetation

Manra Island; Scaevola taccada Thicket. Photo: Angela K. Kepler

File:Starbuck Island Interior.jpg
Starbuck Island. Photo: Angela K. Kepler

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