Friday, April 15, 2011

City Profile 001: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Yesterday my column was about the island of Java. Today I will keep the topic within the vast Ring of Fire and present my first city profile. Cities profiles present important facts about important cites in a concise format.


Coordinates: 49°15′N 123°6′W
Elevation: 2 Meters
Daily Mean Temp: 50 fahrenheit
Metro Population: 2,116,581
Estimated 2041 Metro Population: 3,400,000
Risks: Earthquakes, high population density (4th densest in North America), high cost of living.
Advantages: Mild weather, abundant water, Relatively low crime, clean city, liveable city.
Resources: Immediate: Natural harbour; Regional: vast conifer forest, copper, gold, zinc, sulphur, asbestos, petroleum and natural gas, fish.
Other: -

(Estimated 2041 growth source:

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